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[OLD News]Now Offering 300 HAM'R Barrels

New to our 2020 lineup will be a range of 300 HAM’R barrels for the AR platform and custom barrel options. Developed by Bill Wilson at Wilson Combat, those not familiar with the round will find it is similar to the 300 Blackout only it is optimized for supersonic applications where the 300 Blackout is geared more toward the subsonic end. The 300 HAM’R is around 300 fps faster at the muzzle and drops about half as much at 200 yards.

AR uppers will only need a simple barrel swap and 300 Blackout magazines. They functioned fine with 5.56 magazines, but the optimized internal geometry and added cross platform safety features and lead us to recommend 300 Blackout magazines.

Custom barrel and barreled actions will only require the use of the small .378” bolt face.

Factory Starline brass is available now, but you can make brass from widely available 5.56/223 brass. Load data is also provided on Wilson Combat’s website.


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