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Barrel Installation Service

Current average build time is      approximately +/- 6 months.
Individual build times will vary.

[This timeframe is for a new barrel with installation onto your receiver; NOT FOR A BARREL ONLY!]

Let our highly experienced in-house gunsmiths install a new
Shaw barrel on your Bolt Action receiver!

Please review the information provided here for answers to commonly asked questions.

What receivers do we NOT offer fitting services for?

  • Any Semi-Auto
  • Any Rimfire
  • Any Lever Actions
  • Rolling Block / Falling Block (i.e. Ruger No.1/No.3)
  • Lee-Enfields
  • 1903 Springfields with serial numbers below 800,000
  • Mosin Nagant, SMLE, Carcano, Mannlicher–Schönauer, French MAS,
    or any open rear bridge Mauser.
  • Mauser 03, 12, 18
  • Sauer 100 (or any action with a press-fit barrel)
  • Stainless Browning A-Bolt and X-Bolt
  • Kimber (Any)
  • Remington 783
  • Savage Edge/Axis/Axis II
  • Please note this list is not all-inclusive.  If you are not sure if we work with your receiver, please Email us to confirm.

What do I need to send to Shaw?

  • A completed Barreled Action Order Form for each firearm being sent.  DO NOT wrap the order form around the barrel or action.  Place it inside an envelope inside the package.
  • The Barreled Action (or just the Action if no barrel), Complete Bolt, and Trigger.
    *NOTE: You do NOT need to fully disassemble your bolt or trigger.  Doing so increases the chance of damage to and/or loss of small parts.
  • NO Stock or any accessories, unless the accessories are steel and are to be refinished along with the barreled action.  Stocks received will be returned separately at additional cost.
  • If drilling/tapping a military action for scope base(s), we prefer that the base you want to use be sent with the firearm. 
  • Do NOT send dummy cartridges.  We do NOT cut custom throat dimensions.  We adhere to SAAMI specifications unless otherwise noted.

What address do I ship to?

  • Shaw Barrels
    400 Brookfield St.
    Bridgeville, PA 15017
  • We do NOT need to be notified before you send your rifle/receiver to us.

How should I ship my firearm?

  • Use your carrier of choice; USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Use a plain, appropriately sized box.  NO rifle cases.  Hard cases received will be returned separately at additional cost.  BOXES MUST NOT INDICATE THE CONTENTS!  Do not ship in a box marked with a firearm manufacturer name.
  • Use appropriate packing materials, e.g.: Packing Paper, Bubble Wrap, etc.
    Please do not go overboard with tape!
    Clothing (Worn or Unworn), Diapers, Plastic Bags or any other Garbage are NOT ACCEPTABLE!
  • Use a rigid material to support the trigger. 
  • Make sure the contents are secure and the package is free of any movement.  Movement=Potential Damage!  Shaw cannot be held responsible for any shipping related damage.
  • For more information on shipping a firearm, please review the appropriate information available at the USPS, UPS, or FedEx websites. 

Are there any shipping restrictions?

  • It is up to the individual to have knowledge of, and abide by, any and all federal/state/local ordinances regarding the transport of firearms.  If you live in an area that requires firearms to be shipped through a Federally Licensed Dealer, do so!
  • For most other areas, sending your firearm to us is seen as a repair.  You will ship directly to us and we will ship directly back to you once all work has been completed.
  • For those attempting to save on shipping costs by either cutting the barrel (see next entry) or removing it completely by yourself; think again.  It is much easier and convenient for us to remove barrels at our facility.
  • DO NOT EVER CUT A RIFLE BARREL BELOW 16 INCHES!  Doing so without the proper licensing/approval by the ATF is a FELONY punishable by a maximum of 10 years imprisonment or a maximum fine of $250,000.  We are obligated to report such incidents if we recieve them.

What about payment?

  • No deposit necessary!  You are NOT required to fill in the credit card information on the order form.  We will contact you at the time of completion for payment.
  • Promo Codes apply to these orders as well! (Unless otherwise noted.)  Enter in the space provided on the order form.

How will I know when my rifle is done?

  • Once your barreled action is complete and ready to ship, we call you at the phone number you provide to us on the order form.  We do NOT let finished product sit around and wait for you to contact us. 

Attention FFL Dealers!  Our shipping address has changed!  Please click here to request a copy of Shaw Barrels' new FFL!

After reviewing the information above, choose one of the following order forms.

The "Cartridge Total" field for Step 1 will be left blank on all forms unless adding the $20 for .17 and .20 caliber cartridges.  *This is noted on the form.

We do NOT offer iron sight fitting.


Remington and Remington Clone Receivers


Ruger and Savage Receivers

-Marlin XS7/XL7 owners should use this form and choose a Savage contour.


All Other Receivers

-The service of "S+I New Bolt Handle" for surplus receivers has been suspended as of 12/15/2021 until further notice.  
-Please note: Arisaka bolt handles cannot be Forged/Polished (bent).