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Frequently Asked Questions

Barrel Only  Rimfire Barrels   Barreled Actions     Mk VII-Mk X Rifle

Custom Barrel Division FAQ

Deep vs Short Chambering

When ordering a barrel only for most actions (Remington, Winchester, Ruger, etc.) it is important to know how you would like the chamber to be cut. When you or your gunsmith calculates headspace they take very precise measurements to ensure the barrel is fit correctly. We offer barrels either short chambered or long chambered to meet the needs of who will be fitting the barrel.

Short chambering means we cut most of the chamber and your gunsmith will cut the rest of the chamber with a finish reamer. If you order a barrel short chambered you are relying on the quality of the gunsmiths reamer for dimensions and tolerances. Most barrels are .050" short.

Deep chambered means we cut the chamber a bit deep into the barrel. Your gunsmith will face off the shoulder and hub to the correct length. This is the best option if your gunsmith does not have the correct reamer needed for fitting the barrel.

Savage Pre-Fit barrels are fit with the barrel nut and appropriate headspace gauges so finish work is not needed. 

Rifling Method

We button rifle all of our barrels. All barrels are drilled close to the proper dimension then a secondary reaming operation to achieve the proper internal dimension. The final step is rifling then they are stress relieved a second time.  

Ruger American® Barrel Information

We offer replacement barrels for the Ruger American line of rifles in two configurations. One style is with the factory barrel nut and the other will not use the barrel nut. If you select “Ruger American” in the receiver type dropdown the barrel will be cut for the barrel nut threads. Also note to choose the “finished” chamber option if using the barrel nut design. The second style will not use the barrel nut. The barrel will be cut with different threads that will eliminate the barrel nut. You will then select “short/deep” chambering depending on how you will fit the barrel.

When ordering a barrel for the Ruger American Rifle with the small bolt face it is important to know what bolt design you have. If your rifle feeds from an AR magazine it will have a different hub length and we will need to make the barrel appropriately. If you have such a model be sure to select the “Ruger American AR-Style Mag” selection.

Note Regarding New Model Winchester Model 70 Rifles

We have found a potential issue when ordering barrels for new model Winchester Model 70 rifles. New rifles made in Portugal seem to have been made with the “large hub or fine thread” receiver threads. This is problematic since they appear to have standard Winchester controlled round feed actions. The stamp on the barrel will read "Imported by BACO, Inc., Morgan, Utah – Made in Portugal by Browning Viana". The triggers also appear to be a contained unit. If you have one of these rifles and want to rebarrel it we recommend removing the barrel to verify which threads to cut on your new barrel. You can also send the barreled action in to us and we can do the fitting.

Barrel Contours and Available Options

When building a barrel on our online store you may not see the options you are looking for a particular barrel/contour. If you do not see the caliber/options you are looking for within a particular barrel/contour you may need to go up a contour. Examples of this are the lightest barrels in the longest lengths, biggest bore diameters, longest cartridges, or larger thread patterns. Some options are simply not available on the lightest contours.

Military Threads

When threading a barrel to ship as a barrel only order we intentionally cut the threads a couple thousandths small. Since military actions have so much variation this helps in the event that the action you are fitting the barrel to is undersized. If you have the old take off barrel you can ship it to us and we can take measurements off the old barrel and cut the new one to match. 

Excluded Actions

We can make barrels for most centerfire bolt action rifles but there are some exceptions. We do not offer barrels for Mosin Nagant, SMLE, Carcano, Mannlicher–Schönauer, French MAS, and any open rear bridge Mauser. There is simply too much variation in the dimension and build quality.

Stock Fitting

We do not offer stock fitting for barreled actions.

Note Regarding Aftermarket Barrels

While many of our contours are designed to be very close to commercial rifle contours, when using an aftermarket barrel do note there is often some stock work to be done. Remington and Savage drop in barrels often do not require any stock work at all. Barrel contour duplication will be very close to the original barrel, however some stock inletting may be needed. BEFORE ORDERING BE SURE YOU HAVE SELECTED THE CONTOUR YOU WANT. There is no continuity between the barrel manufacturers regarding barrel contours. 

Reloading Data and Your New Barrel

When reloading for a new barrel it is important to “listen” to what your barrel is telling you. Many reloading data sources will list their COAL as the SAAMI maximum dimension. This is misleading as the chamber dimension is never listed. When putting together loads for your rifle you will not always be able to reach that COAL. SAAMI COAL dimensions are a range from minimum to maximum COAL. Just because you do not reach the maximum COAL doesn’t mean the chamber is wrong. It simply means you must adapt the seating depth to accommodate the tighter SAAMI spec chamber. As always use safe reloading practices and do not proceed if you are unsure of anything.

Can I Change My Order Once It Is Placed? 

Yes, we can change the order after it has been placed and before it has been processed. All changes to an order must be placed within 72 hours of placing the order.  If the order has already been processed and the operation has not been completed yet (contouring, chambering, etc.) we can still change the order. Please note multiple order changes will incur a $20 per change reprocessing fee.

Changes made after the operation has been completed (contouring, chambering, etc.) will be subject to a 10% restocking fee and the order will start over.

Rimfire Barrel FAQ

Ruger ® 10/22® Barrels

10/22® barrels are all cambered with Bentz style chambers. They will function reliably with both match ammunition and the bulk varieties. We do not recommend using hyper-velocity ammunition. You cannot hurt the barrel with the ammunition. Your action (receiver) on the other hand might give you issues depending on the velocity of the ammo you attempt to use. The Ruger® 10/22® is a semi auto blowback design action. The pressure created when the round is fired in the chamber forces the bolt back which then ejects the spent cartridge case.

If you shoot “Hyper” velocity ammo in this design of rifle, i.e. CCI Stingers, Remington Yellow Jackets, etc. there may be too much pressure generated and the action will attempt to cycle too fast. This can lead to jamming. The empty case might not clear the chamber before the bolt slams forward tying to chamber the next round. Also this higher pressure can add wear to the aluminum receiver.

If you shoot subsonic or low velocity ammo in the 10/22 and the springs are a little heavier in your particular rifle there might not be enough energy to properly cycle the action, again there can be jams. 

Ruger ® 10/22® Barrel Fit

Fitting a barrel to a 10/22 receiver will vary from rifle to rifle. The hub dimensions are cut to a very precise dimension. The tolerences we adhere to are much more consistent than the forged receivers. It is not uncommon for barrels to have a bit of play in the receiver. If this is the case simply be sure to tighten the V-Block screws evenly and be sure the extractor groove lines up. Some may be tight and require a light tap to get the barrel seated. 

Ruger Precision Rimfire Barrel Tight Bolt Close

Shortly after introducing our line of Ruger Precision Rimfire barrels we were made aware of dimensional variances present in some receivers. These receiver-barrel tolerances were slightly undersized from the rifle in which we based our initial dimensions and customers were reporting that the bolts were extremely tight to close on an empty chamber. If you experience similar extreme tightness upon closing the bolt on an empty chamber DO NOT SHIM THE BARREL. This will create improper headspace and potential danger to yourself and others. If you are experiencing this we will fit the barrel to your individual receiver and test fire the assembly free of charge. Simply ship us the rifle without scope or accessories and we will have it turned around in usually a few days.

We have since altered our hub dimensions to accommodate for the possibility of these dimensional variances.  Some situations still exist in which fitting to your particular receiver may be necessary.  Our offer to perform this fitting free of charge still stands.


Barrel Fitting Service FAQ

Barreled Action Fitting Service Instructions

We offer fitting services for the majority of bolt action, centerfire rifles. When sending in an action/barreled action please remove the stock and scope from the rifle. Also remove accessories such as rings and bases. Please do not send barreled actions in hard cases. If stocks or hard cases are sent they will be returned and the shipping cost will be added to the balance of the build.

Please see the Barrel Installation page for instructions and to download an order form to send with the firearm. 

Shipping Address

Barreled actions can be shipped to:

Custom Division
400 Brookfield St.
Bridgeville, PA 15017

Stock Fitting

We do not offer stock fitting for barreled actions. If stocks are sent they will be returned and the shipping cost will be added to the balance of the build.

Magnum Alterations

Here at Shaw Barrels we offer magnum alterations on select 98 Mauser actions. Standard magnums only, no long mags, Noslers, Long Weatherby, or Remington Ultra Mags. Due to the higher pressures these calibers generate we can only perform the alteration on higher quality actions. Those include: German 98, 1909 Argentine, Czech VZ 24, FN Mauser, Dumoulin, and Interarms Mk X. Please call for specifics.

Siamese Mauser Information

Siamese Mauser alterations are available in 45/70 Government only. The alteration includes removing the ring from the front of the receiver and a small portion of the extractor/bolt face. Please note that the ORIGINAL FLOORPLATE is required for reliable feeding. When these actions were imported they were thrown in crates and the bottom metal frequently got mixed up with standard Mauser 98 parts.

93, 94, 95, 96 Mausers

We provide rebarreling services on most various small ring, cock on close Mausers. Since they are not designed for high pressure modern cartridges there are a limited number of calibers we can install. Cartridges such as 7x57, 8x57, 6.5x55, 250 Savage, 257 Roberts work well in these actions. Standard calibers such as 243/308/358 Winchester or other standard pressure rounds will generally work in all but 93's. Please note high pressure rounds like 220 Swift and 22-250 Remington will not work. There is an exception for the 96 Swedish Mausers since they are of higher quality. Call us for specifics.

Predrilled and Tapped Mausers

When we remove the old barrel from a Mauser that has been drilled and tapped we inspect the lug to ensure it was drilled correctly. This usually isn't an issue unless the face of the lug has been compromised. At that point we will return the action to the address it was shipped from.  

Mk VIl-Mk X Rifle FAQ

Weight of Rifle

The Mk VII-Mk X Rifle Sporter comes in at around 7.5 to 8.5 pounds depending on barrel contour and fluting options. The Mk VII-Mk X CS line are around the 11 pound range unloaded with no scope. Since it is impossible to know the exact weight of every configuration, the given weights are approximate.

Accuracy Guarantee 

Mk VII and Mk X rifles come with a 1 MOA or better guarantee with premium ammunition (most calibers). 

Can I Purchase Just a Barreled Action?

Yes, we can provide you with a barreled action. When quoting a rifle on the gun builders simply subtract the cost of the stock from the total.

Scope Bases

The Mk VII Rifle uses bases designed for the Savage 10/110 series of rifles with round receiver/AccuTrigger. The Mk X has two integral Weaver pattern rail segments.

Can You Rebarrel My Mk VII-Mk X Rifle?

Yes, if your barrel is shot out and needs replacing, we can rebarrel your rifle to the same cartridge or a different one that is compatible with your action length. We will also rebed the stock if needed. Feel Free to contact us with details and pricing.

Do You Make Your Own Stocks?

We do not make our stocks in house. We purchase blanks and have them turned by an outside party. Since we are primarily set up to work on the metal parts, it is faster and easier to have a dedicated stock maker do the contouring of the blanks.

Please note that due to industry wide product shortages, some components (butt pads, swivel studs, included accessories, etc.) may differ slightly than what is advertised.

Can I specify a length of pull?

No, length of pull is a fixed 13.5”.

Note Regard Mk X Rifles

As of 8/26/2021 all Mk X rifles will feature a plunger style ejector. If you have a model with the fixed ejector and need service, please call us at 412-221-3636 or contact us through our contact page.


All rifles come with a 100% lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. 

What is not covered?
-Failure to provide proper care and maintenance
-Barrel obstructions 
-Accidents, abuse, or misuse
-Use of handloaded, or improper ammunition (most cases)
-Adjustments, repairs, modifications performed without the expressed, written authorization of Shaw Rifles
-Normal wear and tear

Returning a Firearm

It is a violation of Federal Law to ship a firearm with live ammunition in the box or in the firearm itself. If it is received, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives must be notified. Shaw Rifles/Shaw Precision Guns is not responsible for any loss or damage to accessories shipped with the firearm. 

If a rifle is sent back for accuracy issues, the rifle is taken to our range for evaluation. If the issue is a result of materials or craftsmanship, we warrant/repair the issue 100%. In the event the issue is on the customers end (scope, ammo, bases, etc.) a base range fee of $80 will be charged plus the cost of ammo and return shipping.

Purchasing a Firearm

FFLs must be submitted for each and every firearm order REGARDLESS of whether they have been submitted with a previous order.

If faxing or emailing paperwork, please be sure your name and order number are present. The best way to submit your paperwork is through our FFL upload form here.

Make sure you have an FFL dealer who is ready, willing, and able to submit their FFL as well as receive the firearm(s) and make the transfer(s) BEFORE you place the order. Shaw Barrels is not responsible for shipping charges on returned guns.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the firearm(s) they are ordering is/are legal in their state.  Any order which violates a state law will be immediately canceled. Any person found to be knowingly ordering firearms restricted in his/her state will be immediately blocked from our system.

At this time we are not accepting firearm orders for U.S. TERRITORIES through the website.

Are You 18 Years of Age or Older?