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Savage Small Shank vs Large Shank Barrels

Savage Small and Large Shank refer to different thread diameters of the barrel and the action of the rifle. The large shank has a step change in diameter, just in front of the barrel nut; the small shank has no step in diameter.  While the large shank barrels were used for WSM and RUM cartridges, the chambering does NOT dictate the shank size of the barrel.  Large shank barrels have been used on 12 series rifles in small calibers and on some 10 and 110 series rifles.  Use the reference images below to help determine which barrel type you need.  Small Shank is the most common. 

Savage Barrel Nut ComparisonSavage Barrel Shank Comparison

*Your barrel nut may or may not have wrench notches.  They will still be either 7/8" long for the small shank or 5/8" long for the large shank. 
*Axis rifles are generally Small Shank.

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