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Product Details

Brand: E.R. Shaw, Inc.


This product is Made-To-Order.
Build time approximately 4 months.


For those looking for a DIY completion build!  700 pattern for maximum compatibility with aftermarket stocks, bottom metal, and triggers.

  • Action Type
    -Available in Right or Left Hand
    Extended Mag Well - For Wyatt's extended mag box or detachable box mags (like AICS).

    416R Stainless | Rem 700 LA Footprint | 90° Bolt Lift
    7/32" Pinned/Hooded Recoil Lug | Pinned Bolt Head
    .700" Nitrided Bolt | 
    .062" Dia. Firing Pin
    Sliding Plate Extractor | Bayonet Style 1/4 Turn Bolt Shroud

    #8-40 Scope Mounting Screws
    Compatible with 2-pc Savage 110 pattern bases.
    NOT compatible with 700 pattern bases.

  • Bolt Body                  Bolt Knob
    Bolt Body Styles         Bolt Knob Styles

    *Bolt Body image shows difference between Polished and Solid Black.

  • Barrel Profile
    416R Stainless
    -Remington Sporter - .17-.358 Caliber, Non-Magnum cartridges available.  24" Max Length!
    -Excursion Sporter - .17-.358 Caliber, Non-Magnum cartridges available.  24" Max Length!
    -Remington Magnum - .17-.375 Caliber cartridges available.
    -Excursion Magnum - .17-.375 Caliber cartridges available.
    -Remington Varmint - .17-.458 Caliber cartridges available.
    -*Shaw #3.5 Heavy Varmint - .17-.458 Caliber cartridges available.
    -**Shaw #5 Heavy Bull - .17-.458 Caliber cartridges available.
  • Muzzle Treatment
    -Rem Sporter - 1/2-28, 9/16-24 thread patterns available.
    -Rem Magnum - 1/2-28, 9/16-24, [5/8-24 @ ≤18" Length] thread patterns available.
    -Excursion Sporter and Magnum - Up to 5/8-24 available.
    -Rem Varmint - All thread patterns available.
    -#3.5 Heavy Varmint - All thead patterns available.
    -#5 Heavy Bull - All thead patterns available.
    Brake thread patterns will be chosen by Shaw based on caliber, and barrel profile.
  • Barreled Action Finish
    -Matte Finish is: Gray (Stainless) 
    -Option for Cerakote Elite Series Blackout
    *For other cerakote finishes it is best to wait until all components for your build are in hand, then send everything you want coated out to a certified applicator.
  • Trigger
    Compatible with Remington 700 triggers without bolt release.
    *Triggertech Field Trigger NOT available in Left-Hand.
  • Bottom Metal
    Compatible with Remington 700 pattern bottom metal.  Bottom metal options will also be affected by your stock inlet.
  • Stock
    Compatible with Remington 700 Inlets.
    Slight modifications may be necessary. 
    *Shaw #3.5 Heavy Varmint requires M24, or up to 1.25" Barrel Channel
    The #3.5 is slightly larger than an M24.
    **Shaw #5 Heavy Bull requires 1.25" Barrel Channel


  • By purchasing this rifle you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age, or the minimum required age in your area.

  • It is your responsibility to abide by all laws (Federal, State, Local) pertaining to this purchase.

  • All firearms purchased through this site are required by law to be shipped to a dealer who possesses a Federal Firearms License (FFL) in order to complete the appropriate background check to transfer the firearm.


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Excursion Barreled Action - LA - Custom Build

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