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Brand: Victor Company USA

TITAN22 Precision Rimfire Stock

Designed to fit the Ruger® style 10/22® semi-automatic rifle, the TITAN22 is the precision solution for your 10/22®. Featuring the “Anchor Lock System”, the TITAN22 secures the 10/22® receiver to aircraft-grade hardened aluminum bedding in the front and rear of the action for maximum accuracy.

Unlike other 10/22® stocks on the market, the TITAN22 is made of a highly rigid fiberglass composite, giving up almost no flex, which makes it the preferred platform for precision shooting.

TITAN22 Features & Benefits

ULTRA RIGID FIBERGLASS RESIN: Offers maximum accuracy potential with almost zero flex.

ANCHOR-LOCK SYSTEM: Two hardened anchors support the receiver with an anchor lock screw to remove any play from the action.

FREE FLOAT BARREL: The gold standard for barrel harmonics and accuracy. Accepts heavy barrels up to 1.00" wide, including integrally suppressed barrels as well.

WIDENED MAGWELL: Mags drop freely when released. Every time.

POSITIVE TEXTURE: The pistol grip and fore end are textured for positive manipulation in wet or dry environments.

AMBIDEXTROUS DESIGN: Symmetrical ergonomics support right or left handed shooters.

PERFECT PISTOL GRIP DESIGN: Puts your shooting hand at the perfect angle for proper trigger control.

Q.D. SLING MOUNTS STANDARD: Standard on both sides. Mount a Q.D. sling with a push of a button.

SWIVEL SLING MOUNTS INCLUDED: Fits the standard sling attachment. Removable when not needed.

OPTIONAL MINI-PICATINNY RAIL: The perfect mounting solution for a flashlight, IR illuminator or Q.D. bipod.

NO BEDDING NECESSARY: The Anchor Lock System gives the most accuracy potential from your 10/22® possible.

Available in three colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth and OD Green.

TITAN22 Specs

Stock Weight - 2lbs, 12oz
Length of Pull - 13.9" (depending on trigger group)

*We have encountered one scenario where a particular barreled receiver, once installed in the stock, appeared to be severely off-center in the barrel channel.  This was due to the action screw hole in the receiver being drilled off-center. 
Shaw 10/22® barrels are precision CNC turned and 100% consistent batch-to-batch.  

Victor Company Titan22 Precision Rimfire Stock

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