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Barrel Installation OLD

Let our Gunsmithing Department fit a Shaw barrel to your bolt action. We can handle just about any turnbolt - Mausers (military, commercial and Siamese); Springfields, Enfields (P-14 and P17 only); all Remington 700/721/722/7 series, Howa 1500, Howa Mini 1500, Winchester Model 70, Savage® 110 series, Weatherby Mark V and Vanguard, Ruger® 77, etc. Unfortunately, we do not install .22 rimfire, semi-autos, single shots, or levers. The only pistol that we rebarrel is the Remington XP-100.

Regrettably, we cannot alter commercial actions such as Remington, Winchester, Ruger®, Savage® etc. from Standard to Magnum calibers.


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Are You 18 Years of Age or Older?