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[OLD] Ruger® Rimfire Replacement Barrels


Drop-in1 replacements for the Ruger Precision® Rimfire rifle (22 LR only). Some dimensions are slightly altered to give better fit to the receiver. Check them out on our online shop.


  • 18" or 20" 416R Stainless
  • 18" or 20" 4140 Matte Blued
  • Rimfire length 1/2-28 threads 
  • Thread protector included 
  • 1-16" Twist
  • .865" Diameter
  • Match chamber2

Only $260 - $290

Ruger® 10/22® Replacement Barrels

Available in either .920" Bull or Factory taper, in 22 LR only.    16.5 or 18 inches in length.

Polished or Matte Blued 4140 ......... $125
Polished or Matte Stainless ............ $150

Ruger® 22 Charger™ Replacement Barrels


Available in either .920" Bull or Factory taper, in 22 LR only.    10.5 inches in length.

Polished or Matte Blued 4140 ......... $85
Polished or Matte Stainless ............ $110

Fluting for Ruger® Replacement Barrels


Helical Fluting .............. 10/22® $95 .............. 22 ChargerTM $80

Straight Fluting ............ 10/22® $70 .............. 22 ChargerTM $60

Staggered Fluting ........ 10/22® $70 .............. 22 ChargerTM $60
(Not Shown)

*Add Fluting price to base price of barrel.

Muzzle Threading

Available for both .920 Bull and Factory tapers.  1/2x28 Rimfire thread pattern.   


*Includes thread protector.
*Add Threading price to base price of barrel.


1IF YOU ENCOUNTER UNREASONABLE RESISTANCE WHEN CLOSING THE BOLT ON AN EMPTY CHAMBER, that means that your particular receiver is undersized compared to our test receiver and the factory barrel has slightly different dimensions than our replacement barrel.  In this case you may send us your receiver and new barrel to be adjusted and headspaced to your particular receiver.  This service is offered free of charge other than you paying shipping to get it to us.  To be clear, this does not mean your new barrel is defective.  Dimensional differences do occur from time to time.

2NOTE REGARDING RUGER PRECISION® RIMFIRE MATCH BARRELS: These chambers are cut with SAAMI specification '22 Long Rifle - Match' chamber reamers.  (Drawing available at  This means that some ammunition will cause the bolt to close with resistance and that you may have difficulty removing unfired rounds from the chamber. The match chamber will cause the rounds to be pushed into the rifling. Be sure to use extreme caution and always keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction while chambering or removing a live round.

We do not produce barrels for 10/22 Takedown® models.

We do not offer factory-style, or any, iron sights with barrels.

Our 10/22® barrels have not been tested for compatibility with the T/CR22®.

All 10/22® and 22 ChargerTM barrels are machined with Bentz style target chambers. 

"Ruger®", "10/22®", "10/22 Takedown®", "22 ChargerTM", and Ruger Precision® are trademarks of Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.  Neither Shaw Barrels, nor this website are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.  The use of "Ruger®", "10/22®", "10/22 Takedown®", "22 ChargerTM", and "Ruger Precision®" on this website are merely to advertise the sale of compatible components.

Are You 18 Years of Age or Older?