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  • Please note that if your order is still within the current timeframes listed for each product in our shop, the barreled action installation page, or the rifle builder pages, this request will not be fulfilled. We give a range of times for a reason. If the timeframe for your order has been exceeded, then we will contact you with an explanation and a new estimated completion date.

  • Production times for many Mk. X and Mk. VII rifles are exceeding the stated 4–5-month timeframe. Posted build timeframes are only an approximation based on past production trends. The current market climate, raw material shortages, and supplier delays negatively affect our ability to produce every firearm within a certain timeframe. Ammunition availability for test-firing is also a problem for any of the more exotic/uncommon cartridges; almost all with Fireball, PRC, Ruger, or Weatherby in the name as well as various others. We assure you that if your build is "past due", it is not because the order is lost or being neglected. We ask for your understanding and continued patience.

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