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H-S Precision Stock Customization Options

How to customize your H-S Precision stock for your new Shaw Mk. VII:

Review the Colors, Lengths of Pull, and Optional Accessories presented on this page.
These options are exclusive to the H-S Precision stock. 

You can now choose your Stock Color directly in "Step 4 Extras" of the Mk. VII Rifle Builder!

Once you have configured your Mk. VII rifle in the Rifle Builder, list your desired options for Length of Pull, and Optional Accessories within the "Special Instructions" field of the Build Summary screen.  Any options incurring additional cost will be added to the total of your build after the purchase is completed. 


$0 Color Options

Black [Default]Black-GrayBlack-OliveBlack-SpruceBlack-TanBlack-BrownBlack-WhiteGray-BlackOlive-BlackSpruce-BlackTan-BlackBrown-BlackGraniteSand

$39 Color Options (*Stocks ordered in any of these colors are non-refundable!)


$69 Color Options (*Stocks ordered in Winter Camo or Black-Pink Camo colors are non-refundable!)

Urban CamoBlack-Tan CamoGreen-Tan CamoGreen CamoDesert CamoWinter CamoBlack-Pink Camo

$99 Color Options

Woodland CamoTri-Color Desert Camo

$129 Color Options

Grassland CamoPrairie Grass Camo

Length Of Pull

13.5" is the default length of pull.

(*Stocks ordered with any non-standard LOP are non-refundable, regardless of color!)
Non-Standard LOP Options are: 

12.5" (+$50) | 12.75" (+$25) | 13.0" | 13.25" 

13.75" (+$25) | 14.0" (+$50) | 14.25" (+$75) | 14.5" (+$100) 

Optional Accessories

  • Decelerator Pad Upgrade (+$55)
  • 2nd Front Swivel Stud (+$12)
  • Forend Picatinny Rail (+$32)

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