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Excursion Rifle
Mk. X Rifle Sale!

The Excursion Barreled Actions

For those looking for a DIY completion build!  700 pattern for maximum compatibility with aftermarket stocks, bottom metal, and triggers.

Excursion Barreled Actions

Build An Excursion Short Action!  Build An Excursion Long Action!

Features and Specifications:

  • Starting at $1370
  • 416 Stainless Steel Receiver with extended magazine well for use with detachable box mag systems or Wyatt's extended mag boxes.
  • Perfectly true receiver bore and face.  Ultra-smooth bolt operation.
  • 7/32" Pinned/Hooded Recoil Lug | Pinned Bolt Head | .700" Nitrided, 2-Lug Bolt | 
    .062" Dia. Firing Pin | Sliding Plate Extractor | Bayonet Style 1/4 Turn Bolt Shroud 
  • #8-40 Scope Mounting Screws
    Compatible with 2-pc Savage 110 pattern bases. 
    1-pc Excursion-exclusive picatinny rails available.
    NOT compatible with 1 piece Remington 700 rails!)
  • Remington 700 Receiver Footprint
    (Compatible with standard Remington 700 inlets.  Also compatible with "Universal" inlets for Remington 700 and Clone receivers, but special inletting to accomodate bolt release levers or bolt handle angles like some clones is neither necessary, nor required.)


  • 7 barrel contours available in 416R Stainless or 4140 Chrome-Moly.
    *The Excursion Sporter and Excursion Magnum contours are modified Remington Sporter and Magnum contours respectively.  They can be threaded 5/8-24 at any length with minimal added weight. 
  • Right and Left hand available in dedicated Short or Long action lengths.
  • .223, SPC, PPC, .308, and Magnum Bolt Faces available.
  • 12 different Bolt Body styles and 8 different Bolt Knob styles available.

    Bolt Body

    Bolt Body Styles

    Bolt Knob

    Bolt Knob Styles
  • 0 and 20 MOA Rails available, Warne Maxima 2-pc also available.
  • Can be spec'd with No Trigger, Triggertech Field, or Triggertech *Primary triggers.
    *Primary trigger features the Flat lever.


To finish off your build, you will need a stock compatible with the Remington 700 footprint.  Barrel channel inlets will depend on your chosen barrel contour.  The Remington Sporter and Magnum are sometimes referred to as #1 and #2 barrels/inlets.  The Excursion Sporter and Magnum contours should also fit those inlets, but note that some minor fitting may be required.  The Remington Varmint is sometimes referred to as a #3 barrel/inlet, or sometimes Sendero.  The Shaw #3.5 Heavy Varmint is similar to an M24 barrel/inlet, but is slightly larger.  The Shaw #5 Heavy Bull is a straight 1.25" diameter and will require a large stock or chassis to accommodate.


To help with estimating an approximate finished weight for your barreled action, please refer to the following:  (Note that barrel weights are based on .30 cal. at the maximum length, non-fluted. 24" for Excursion and Remington Sporters; 26" for all others.  Actual weights will vary based on configuration options such as caliber and/or length and/or fluting.)

Excursion Short Action with Bolt: 1.75 lbs  + Rail: 1.90 lbs
Excursion Long Action with Bolt: 1.90 lbs  + Rail: 2.00 lbs

Remington Sporter: 2.60 lbs
Excursion Sporter: 2.85 lbs
Remington Magnum: 3.10 lbs
Excursion Sporter: 3.35 lbs
Remington Varmint: 4.50 lbs
Shaw #3.5 Heavy Varmint: 6.80 lbs
Shaw #5 Heavy Bull: 9.00 lbs

Add together with your stock and bottom metal weights for an approximate finished rifle weight.

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