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Shaw Custom Rifles

The Excursion Custom Rifle
and Barreled Actions

New for 2023!  Shaw is proud to present the Excursion!  Our lightweight, precision hunting rifle for your next journey into the backcountry.  Available in Right and Left Hand.  Featuring premium components from Peak44, Hawkins Precision, and Triggertech.
Sub-MOA Guarantee.  Starting at $2550

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The Excursion is also available as a Barreled Action.  For those with a DIY spirit looking for even further customization.  700 Pattern for maximum compatibility with aftermarket components.  Right and Left Hand acitons.  7 Match-Grade Barrel contours ranging from lightweight sporters to our heavy bull barrel.  Even more caliber choices than the complete rifle!  Starting at $1370

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The Mk. VII Custom Rifle 

Mk VIIWith the New Mk. VII setup you can choose from OVER 75,000 POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS. Your choices include 2 barrel contours, stainless steel or blued chrome moly steel, premium polished or matte finish, 3 stock options, long or short action length (depending on caliber selected), multiple barrel lengths and dozens of calibers. Right and left handed actions are available. 
Build time approximately: 12+ months.

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The Mk. VII TS Custom Rifle

Mk VII TSThe MK. VII TS is available in Shaw's #3.5 or #5 heavy barrels. The tactical stock has a full length aluminum bedding block, and adjustable spacer system to adjust the length of pull, a rail on the bottom of the front end to attach a bi-pod, and sling swivels on both sides. 
Build time approximately: 12+ months.

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The ERS-10

Shaw Precision Guns is proud to offer the ERS-10!  Available in 308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor in multiple barrel lengths.

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The Semi-Custom ERS-15

ERS 15

Shaw Precision Guns is proud to now offer the Semi-Custom ERS-15 to our customers. With our new ERS-15 Gun Builder you have complete control with hundreds of design options available! Choose the barrel, handguard, upper, and lower of your choice; all with a real-time estimate of cost as you build.

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The Mk. X Custom Rifle

Mk X Custom Rifle

Shaw Barrels will be sunsetting the Mk. X line of rifles in 2023. Final orders for Mk. X rifles have been taken and are currently being fulfilled. Full warranty/repair/re-barrel support is still in effect for all Mk. X rifles.

Please see our Mk. VII line or the new Shaw Excursion for your custom rifle needs. 

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